Books I Review!

Hi everyone,

My name is Sophia and I review books!

I read m/m romances, YA and NA books. I've just started reviewing, but so far I'm really enjoying it. I prefer contemporary and paranormal. But I'll read almost anything. If you've got a book you think I might be interested in, feel free to contact me!

Some of my favorite books are:
THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet
Gives Light series by Rose Christo
In Focus series by Megan Erickson
Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan
The Coincidence series and The Year I Became Isabella Anders by Jessica Sorensen
The Fault in our Stars by John Green
The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller by L.B. Simmons
Suicide Watch by Kelley York
Nocte by Courtney Cole

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